Technical Support

Problem: EasyCap USB Capture no audio being recorded.

Reason: The sound card on some computers has "Automatic Jack Detection"  function, if no microphone has been plugged, the computer thinks there is no recording device is available.

Solutions: There are 2 solutions as following

  1. Manually select a microphone device
    Plug-in a 3.5" jack (microphone, earphone, speakers etc. whatever a 3.5" jack), then your computer will pop-up a windows and ask you to choose which the plug is, make sure your selection is microphone.
    Restart the software, then you will be able to record audio via the USB Capture device.
  2. Disable the "Automatic Jack Detection" function on your computer
    Different sound card has different way to disable the "Automatic Jack Detection" function, please follow your motherboard manual to change the sound card settings.
    For Microsoft© Windows 7, we made a registry modify patch, it can automatically disable the "Automatic Jack Detection" of your sound card. Click here to download the registry patch & instruction if you need it.

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